Blog Tour: Review #10: Loving You with Teeth and Claws

” It wasn’t very short and wasn’t unnecessarily long. It patches up the loopholes in the main series but makes sure that…”


Liebster Award

Yippee! I got an Award Nomination! How cool is that! So, Dez ( @TheFunInReadingBooks ) nominated me for the Liebster Award and it was So-o refreshing to read her answers. Thanks Dez! 😀 Let’s get started The rules of the award are: Acknowledge the person who nominated you and display the award. Answer eleven questions that the…

Review #6 The Hidden Oracle

The highlight of the book for me was Apollo’s easiness with his sexuality. He is – was – bisexual and proud. Indifferent to that fact. And that won my heart.

The Book Sacrifice Tag

Another awesome (and unusual…and totally necessary) tag! Self tagged for The Book Sacrifice Tag which I saw on Genie Reads’s blog. I think she has one of the most beautiful and funny blogs EVER! I love her editing and posts and little gifs she adds are <3. Check it out please! ( link above) Before we…

Review #4 Our Demons, Best Friends

‘ I assume this is what Grey’s Anatomy is like for those who have only heard about the show, but never watched it because they prefer relatively more fun shows like House ( me ).’ Read More

Review #3 Return of The Princess

‘…instances are based on the author’s experiences. And what she has to say about the impact of bullying and one’s stand and eventual rise against them are complimentary.’

The Book Blogger Tag

‘I have a thing where I don’t like hyped up books.

Oops. For example, I don’t like TFIOS, P&P, The Maze Runner series and….. ‘